Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...out with the old...

I've really wanted new couches since we got married because we've always had hand-me-down couches that I've always covered with blankets because I couldn't stand the sight of them. Finally my wonderful husband let me get some. So here is my new Chair and Couch! :)

 I took the cushion from our OLD love seat (you can see why I had it covered) 
and wanted to make a Dog bed. Here is before...

 Afer : I used extra fleece I had because it was dark and wouldn't show Diamonds hair as much and it soft... they love soft stuff. I just made a slip cover with a big long zipper along the back to I can take it on and off to wash it! It fits like a glove! We'll see if they like it!

 Here is just something fun I wanted to do for us! I love modern paintings!


  1. Those are awesome and that dog bed geez louise miss creative! Yes lets please get together soon! I miss seeing you! Me and the munchkin will have to come see your place sometime so I can google over the cuteness!

  2. so great!! love it! and great job on the New dog bed!! that looks awesome too!! and once again, you are so talented.. in many aspects.. and the pic is awesome too!!

  3. love the painting it looks so good!! and love the chair and couch!! can't wait to move and then we can get real couches to so i know that feeling!!! love youuu

  4. Hey Ash!
    I love reading your blog so much. We decided to change ours to private and so we wanted to extend an invite to you if you want to read ours just send me your email at shelbieclement@gmail.com. I hope everything is going great with your picture perfect marriage!!!! Miss you guys so much! Ps I freaking love the portrait of you guys. Wanna make one for us.