Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...out with the old...

I've really wanted new couches since we got married because we've always had hand-me-down couches that I've always covered with blankets because I couldn't stand the sight of them. Finally my wonderful husband let me get some. So here is my new Chair and Couch! :)

 I took the cushion from our OLD love seat (you can see why I had it covered) 
and wanted to make a Dog bed. Here is before...

 Afer : I used extra fleece I had because it was dark and wouldn't show Diamonds hair as much and it soft... they love soft stuff. I just made a slip cover with a big long zipper along the back to I can take it on and off to wash it! It fits like a glove! We'll see if they like it!

 Here is just something fun I wanted to do for us! I love modern paintings!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

just a lil paint!


So I really need to find a way to store all my craft (paints, sewing, art, patterns, you name it!) somewhere better seen and up off the floor! I didn't want to spend a ton so I searched ksl.com for a few days and found 3 bookshelves for only $25 for all 3!! Above is the before and after pictures - lots of sanding and hours of painting! I did a gloss white on all three of them, 1 went in my bedroom and the other 2 in my craft room.

My Craft room before the shelves (awful, still a mess from moving)
TAAADAA! Soooo much better! Still need to finish the rest of the room but this is a huge difference! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

... christmas...

Family Picture!
Trying to get Diamond to look at the camera!

Grahm tried to get past Diamond and got stuck!

Jakes's new toy!
Diamond and Callaway
Ice Skating on Christmas Eve
Jake finallllly got his GoPro camera- He's been waiting for a long time for this.
I got an Iphone! The new 4s!
Jake had to work Christmas eve night into the morning so he woke us all up nice and early when he got home - then he went to bed!
It was fun being with all the families over the holidays just sad they go to fast!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

silly heads...

I know another post about the dogs... but they are just too cute and I don't have my Christmas stockings done so you'll have to wait a few more days for that. BUT in the mean time... Milo thinks everything is just a big jungle-gym for him! He will come and sit anywhere he wants on you and will doze off and snore like a grown man. He loves to sleep in the middle of Jake and I. We have to move him to the side of us but he always ends right back in the middle. Diamond is just a big sweetheart! She lets Milo Bite her legs and face and ear(while playing) and never gets mad at him. She only likes to cuddle in the mornings with her dad and occasionally in the evening with me! They always keep things entertaining at our house!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I just found this picture on my computer the other day and its probably one of my most favorite pictures of me and 1 of my 3 big sisters! Probably because I look really good in my big brown hat...
Now we have another sister and we are so happy to have her part of our family as well! I love all my sisters and my wonderful mom of course! We wouldn't all be the women we are today with out her!
Love you all!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Visit my Vaulik blog to see many more fun things I have for sale!
Mens- Womes- Kids-Baby!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

birthday boy! 23!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! Can't believe we met when we were 19... now we are turning 23! Gettin so old! Jakes Birthday is 9-11 so we decided we would go practice our American right to own a gun and go get some practice with the MANY guns we now own.... I feel bad for the person who decides to enter our house unannounced! We had a great dinner at Jake's parents on Saturday with all his family then a few days later with mine! He's such a great Uncle, Son, Friend and Husband! Happy Birthday babe love you!
Making silly faces with the boys! Think they are all naturals!
All but 2 of the Grand Kids!
Hadlee sporting her own VAULIK KIDS CLOTHING shirt... Super cute thermal
Kash also sporting his birthday present - VAULIK KIDS CLOTHING!

Monday, August 8, 2011

p.s. i made this

So since Jake and I have opposite schedules most of the time I have a lot of time home at night so I try and stay busy! If you have a tight budget like us and I have a craving to go shopping... I look in my fabrics and see what I can make!

My newest project! they are so adorable! i'm selling them at a boutique called Jolley's here in Salt Lake... if you want some let me know! :)
Diaper bag for my friend Heather! Turned out super cute! (notice my table and chairs, also from DI and all I was add some paint and recover the chairs)
My updated coffee table! I hand painted all the designs onto it and painted it orange!

So I wanted to find a dress that i didn't have to adjust or anything... i found nothing so i made this... little hard to see but it turn out awesome and i found the best fabric ever, it doesn't wrinkle and its so comfortable!
Mirror was an ugly fur-mica frame but i figured out how to refinish it and I got just a plain vase and added yellow paint to brighten it up!
We found this lamp at DI and I recovered the shade and repainted the base.

Now I'm not trying to be like hey look at me... look what I can do! I'm just showing you all the things that were just a diamond-in-the-rough and you really can do anything just try it! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lake Powell

We got to go down to Lake Powell with Jake's family and cousins. It's always a fun time and HOT! :) This is us on our first anniversary!
Jake swam from the house boat to the little island... it was almost gone by the time we left the water was rising like crazy!
Grandma Hutch was teaching the grandkids how to hola!

Diamond fishing with Dad... she liked to jump off the diving board!

Milo's first hair cut

So you probably can't tell but I cut off 2 inches on his body... he's face he wouldn't let me get very well but all together he did really good! love this little guy! I need to have a baby so I stop blogging about my dogs...